Legal Leaders on the Rise

Omar Alaniz
Jamal Alsaffar
Maritza Antu
Ryan Clinton
Amy Davis
Chad W. Dunn
Laurie Fitzgerald
Chris Gober
Lisa Hobbs
Jessica Janicek
Sean Johnson
Seth Kretzer
Robert Little
Pete Marketos
Scott C. Medlock
Jarvis Parsons
Michael De Voe Piazza
Paul Reyes
Camisha Simmons
Suni Sukduang
Christopher B. Trowbridge
Neeraj “Neil” Verma
Rich Villa
Edward Vishnevetsky
Yasmin Yavar

From the Editor:

Texas Lawyer‘s editorial department is pleased to present this special “Legal Leaders on the Rise” publication spotlighting 25 up-and-comers in the Texas legal community.

The editorial department undertook this project as a way to recognize Texas lawyers under 40 whose accomplishments distinguish them among their peers. Texas Lawyer received hundreds of nominations, which assisted in our research, and our editorial department carefully selected the lawyers included in this publication.

Obviously, in this publication we are unable to recognize all the Texas lawyers under 40 who are already making a mark on our state’s legal community, but based on our research these 25 certainly merit recognition for their accomplishments.

Congratulations to the amazing lawyers selected.

Heather D. Nevitt
Editor in Chief