I ‘m suspicious of people who say they wouldn’t change a thing if they had the chance to do their lives over again. They strike me as a bit smug. Or shallow. Or just dishonest.


I’m the opposite extreme—and that’s not healthy either. I tend to berate myself for the stupid things I’ve done in my life—and all the clever things I failed to do. There’s not much point in replaying those mistakes—unless you can learn something from it.

Of course, that’s the conceit of articles about life’s regrets. The latest of that genre is from tech entrepreneur Daniel Gulati. In the Harvard Business Review Blog Gulati describes the top five career regrets:

1. “I wish I hadn’t taken the job for the money.” In his study, Gulati finds that the “ biggest regret of all came from those who opted into high-paying but ultimately dissatisfying careers.”