Ethical Spark: Golden Rule Guides Chief Legal Officer’s Approach, Even to Litigation
Walt Holmes rose through the ranks of the law department at Interstate Battery System of America Inc. to take on more than just legal work, and he does it all while following the Golden Rule: to treat others as they would want to be treated.

Drilling Down: The Law Department Metrics Benchmarking Survey
As in-house legal workloads continue to rise and hiring and budget increases don’t necessarily keep pace, is the pressure inside the nation’s legal departments now rivaling that of firms?

Master Tech Issues of 2012 to Succeed in 2013
Making a list and checking it twice? Don’t forget about the most important law and technology developments in 2012, which also can help guide in-house counsel in the New Year.

Get on Board With This Pilot Program
The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has instituted its First Action Interview Pilot Program for patent applicants. While currently a well-kept secret, legal departments seeking to obtain patents for their companies should understand and use the program.

Consider the Benefits of Contested Review Proceedings
Contested patent review proceedings typically will occur parallel to district court litigation. Many district court cases likely will be stayed during at least part of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board review. For this and other reasons, the PTAB review proceedings will impact patent litigation in Texas and elsewhere.

Keep E-Discovery Costs Down in Patent Litigation
Patent litigation is expensive, and e-discovery costs can drive a significant portion of that expense. But runaway e-discovery costs are not inevitable; in-house counsel can and should employ strategies to control these costs when litigating a patent suit.