Editor’s note: Billable hours. Demanding bosses and clients. Student loans. A lack of civility. We all know the cons of being a lawyer, but what are the pros? Texas Lawyer asked lawyers across the state to tell us the top five reasons they like being lawyers. Texas Lawyer will run the “I Like Being a Lawyer” column periodically in the newspaper’s “Out of Order” section. Contributors emailed their lists, which have been edited for length and style.

Jack Carroll – solo – Houston

Top 5 Reasons I Like Being a Texas Lawyer:

1. I like the “action” in criminal law.

2. Flexible hours. If I’m not in court and don’t have any pressing issues, there are many other interesting ways to occupy my time.

3. The constant interaction with all types of people, from the pillars of society to the dregs of humanity.

4. Everyone has a story, and I’m in a unique position to hear the juicy stuff.

5. I get to put the state of Texas to the test, which tweaks a mild hostility to authority.