Editor’s note: Billable hours. Demanding bosses and clients. Student loans. A lack of civility. We all know the cons of being a lawyer, but what are the pros? Texas Lawyer asked lawyers across the state to tell us the top five reasons they like being lawyers. Texas Lawyer will run the “I Like Being a Lawyer” column periodically in the newspaper’s “Out of Order” section. Contributors emailed their lists, which have been edited for length and style.

Roy L. Warren
The Law Office of Roy L. Warren
San Marcos

Top 5 Reasons I Like Being a Texas Lawyer:

1. The people I represent on workers’ compensation or on criminal charges posted against them are going through one of the worst times of their lives, so I like to ensure they are treated fairly and that they feel they had the best representation I could afford them.

2. I like the way it makes me feel, knowing that I helped someone because of my knowledge and expertise. And most clients are so thankful for my help that it is a pleasure to assist them.

3. Because people believe attorneys are smart, they like to match wits in everyday situations. I once took a certification exam to be an amateur boxing trainer. Another trainer there was taking the exam for what was probably the 20th time. She beat my score by one point, and it made her so happy to tell people that she was as smart as a lawyer!

4. I like being creative in representation of people and getting a great outcome because of my creativity. I am seldom the first lawyer called when a person gets in trouble because my name is toward the end of the phone book, but they usually call me back after I help them.

5. I like being a lawyer because of the flexibility in the schedule that it gives me, so I can coach children in sports like boxing and baseball.