Milk Man
As senior vice president and chief legal officer of Dallas-based Borden Dairy Co., Dan Blaufus spends much of his workday focused on delivering milk: Many of the legal issues he deals with arise from the company’s fleet of about 1,500 delivery trucks.

Chief Legal Officers’ Compensation Up 11 Percent
General counsel who are among the highest-paid executives at large Texas companies earned more on average in 2011 than in 2010, according to Texas Lawyer’s annual Corporate Roster, which reports on GC compensation.

Circuits Split on Important CFAA Issue
The stars are coming into alignment for a cert grant at the U.S. Supreme Court on a statute of interest to all employers: the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), which contains civil and criminal penalties when someone accesses a person’s computer “without authorization or exceeds authorized access. . . .”

Insights That Graphics Offer About Pay Data
Periodically, general counsel wish that they had compensation data so they can compare what they make or what their lawyers make. If someone pushes hard for a raise or the department extends an offer to a new hire, it helps to know market rates. General counsel can buy such data from a few sources, find out pieces of such information online, or they can try to collect data from peer companies.