30 Years and Counting
Colleen Mullen Goff once dreamed of a Foreign Service career. Instead, she went to law school and landed a clerkship at H.B. Zachry Co. in San Antonio in 1983, and she’s still at the company nearly 30 years later.

FCPA Compliance: Who’s a “Foreign Official”?
When it comes to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act’s prohibition on bribing a foreign official, just who does the U.S. government consider a foreign official? For the first time, that question is being considered at the appellate level.

Special Report: Litigation and E-Discovery

Understand Predictive Coding Options
Recent cases have thrust predictive coding, also referred to as computer-assisted review, into the spotlight. Reading the recent case law alone, however, will not teach in-house counsel how to evaluate whether and how to use predictive coding.

Process Facilities Pose Unique ESI Challenges
Lawyers representing companies that operate process facilities, such as refineries, electricity-generating plants or chemical-manufacturing facilities, face special challenges when overseeing preservation and production of electronically stored information.

Drilling Down Into Texas Electronic Discovery
Texas courts have outlined a step-by-step process for requesting extraordinary electronic discovery and responding to such requests.