How to Love Being a Family Law Attorney
Cynthia L. Clack says she loves practicing family law. Today, her cases are primarily highly contested divorce and custody litigation. This area of the law, she writes, is probably the hardest on the emotions and the most stressful of any field.

Eight Common Myths Clients May Believe in Family Law Cases
Family law sometimes seems part Wild West, part “War of the Roses” and part “Boston Legal.” These perceptions may have some truth, but many are based on myths. Brad M. LaMorgese debunks some top myths in Texas family law cases.

The “Best Interest of the Child” Standard Explained
The Texas Family Code states that the “best interest of the child” shall always be the primary consideration in determining issues regarding children, writes Jonathan J. Bates. The Texas Supreme Court set out a list of factors in Holley v. Adams (1976) that courts should consider in the best-interest analysis.

Enforceability of Mediated Settlement Agreements at Risk
Over the past 20 years, nothing appears to have changed the face of family law in Texas as much as the use of alternative dispute resolution procedures, write Angela Pence England and Patricia N. Carter. But the Texas Supreme Court is considering a case that could undermine the effectiveness of these ADR procedures.