Breath of Fresh Air: GC Helps Ensure CO2 Company’s Compliance With Numerous Regulations
Frank A. Hunold Jr., the first general counsel and the only in-house lawyer for Reliant Holdings Ltd., says he can envision a future in which he needs another in-house lawyer. But for now, he handles the work by multitasking.

Combating Corporate Corruption Risk in Latin America
How are companies combating the risk of corruption when doing business in Latin America? A new survey of corporations throughout the region reports an increase in the adoption of compliance measures and greater awareness of the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act — while also illustrating the persistent sentiment that effective laws and enforcement are wanting.

Courts Weigh in on FMLA Limits
What’s up with the Family and Medical Leave Act? Courts are deciding lots of interesting cases and swatting down employees whose claims are inconsistent with the FMLA’s purpose, writes Michael P. Maslanka.

How to React to a Demand Letter
When a demand letter from a plaintiffs employment attorney arrives on an inside counsel’s desk, an in-house attorney will want to provide the company with sound legal advice and good business judgment, writes Brian P. Sanford.

Special Report: Litigation and E-Discovery

Powers of Attorney in Mexico: A Double-Edged Sword
A company’s ability to initiate and defend itself in litigation, pay taxes or issue checks are but some of the functions Mexican proxies (or poderes) facilitate. However, the failure to scrutinize powers granted and to monitor proxy-holders themselves may leave a company susceptible to abuse, write Antonio Salazar Escobar and Francisco Rivero.

Harness the Power of the Proportionality Rule
Understanding the proportionality rule can help in-house counsel control discovery costs, write Leann M. Pinkerton and Esteban Herrera.

Take the Lead to Control E-Discovery Costs
Leonard Deutchman says clients frequently ask about e-discovery. Sometimes the conversations are global in scope, other times narrowly focused, but they are all about answering the same question: How can the client produce all of the discovery required in the most cost-efficient and quickest way possible and without leaving itself vulnerable to legal challenges?