As Halloween approaches, naturally thoughts turn to costumes. Certainly, there’s an element of delight as you picture your little ones dressed as witches, princesses, monsters, or their favorite cartoon or video game character. But when it comes to lawyers, we’re not exactly known for coming up with great costume ideas for ourselves. Maybe it’s because pop culture hasn’t always portrayed us as being imaginative—remember Denzel Washington’s lawyer character in “Philadelphia, “who shows up to a costume party in a suit with pleadings strategically affixed to it? “I’m a lawsuit—get it?” he said—even Tom Hank’s character thought he could have done better.

Perhaps it’s because lawyers have a history of getting into trouble when they decide to show up somewhere in costume. Take Mark Metzger for example. On Sept. 13, the Galveston lawyer decided to “prank” Galveston by dressing up as Michael Myers, the serial killer from the “Halloween” movie franchise. Complete with creepy mask and knife with fake blood, Metzger wandered around the Historic Galveston Island Pleasure Pier and strolled along the storm-swept beach, and posted pictures of himself on social media. Unfortunately, Metzger didn’t run into anyone wanting to cosplay as Jamie Lee Curtis’ character from the horror franchise. However, after someone called 911 about the creepy sight, Metzger did encounter some Galveston police officers who had responded to calls about a “man walking along the beach with a bloody knife.”