CUMMING, GA,USA – AUGUST 27: A group of 11 to 13-year-old unidentified boys during a football game, one is ready to throw a pass, the Raiders vs the War Eagles, on August 27, 2011 in Cumming GA. Credit: SUSAN LEGGETT/Shutterstock

The NCAA issued its interim name, image and likeness (NIL) policy following a June 21, 2021, decision by the Supreme Court of the United States against the NCAA in a landmark antitrust case. The Supreme Court ruling put an end to the NCAA’s nationwide limits on the education-related benefits college athletes can receive. Those benefits may include cash or cash-equivalent benefits based on academics or graduation, along with scholarships, paid internships and other awards, says Justin Sisemore, founder of The Sisemore Law Firm, a leading family law practice in Fort Worth, Texas.