You might have already heard this story. It began on June 23, 2021, when Third Planet Sci-Fi Superstore, a comic book store in Houston, filed a lawsuit against Crowne Plaza River Oaks, a neighboring hotel, before the Hon. Mike Engelhart of the 151st District Court of Texas. The petition cites the hotel for property damage, claiming its guests have thrown fire extinguishers, dishes, and other objects onto the store’s roof. While the case is a relatively standard proceeding, the petition is unlike any other. The court filing, a 24-page comic, was illustrated by Bad Cog Studios and depicts the store’s superhero staff defending the building from falling ceramic plates, lit cigarette butts, and 14 fire extinguishers.

The comic-book-pleading is a third amended petition, prepared because the attorneys for the Crowne Plaza River Oaks insisted that they didn’t understand the original complaint. In response, Cris Feldman, the attorney tasked with representing Third Planet Sci-Fi Superstore, turned the petition into a comic, something much easier to read. A little snarky and a little funny, strange filings like this provide an amusing anecdote for future attorneys positioned against Feldman & Feldman, a story that suggests its attorneys aren’t afraid to take creative risks in the cases they handle.