Read this article—it contains the most important advice you will ever receive from a personal injury lawyer. Take the advice to heart because it could protect your family from financial catastrophe.

If you or your loved one is injured in a motor vehicle wreck—who is going to pay your medical bills, who is going to pay to fix or replace your vehicle, who is going to compensate you for your lost wages? About nine out of 10 people who come into my office after being injured in a motor vehicle wreck arrive with the improper assumption that the at-fault driver and/or their insurer will be able to fully compensate for all damages. This improper assumption is equally held by people across all education levels and professions. In meeting with these potential clients, I am often required to raise a hypothetical situation in which I place the potential client at fault in a wreck that causes someone else to incur significant damages. I then ask how the potential client would pay those damages. I get one of two responses. The first response is, “I’m fully insured.” As illustrated below, this is rarely true. The second, and more common, response comes in the form of prolonged silence—as the harsh and unfair reality hits home. Contrary to the prevailing myth, plaintiffs and their counsel are not handsomely compensated in most personal injury cases. Indeed, the damages of most personal injury plaintiffs well exceed collectability.