Okon and Hannagan Melanie Kemp Okon and Susan Hannagan (Courtesy Photo)

Because it was hard to land major litigation at a small firm, the four lawyers from women-owned Okon Hannagan of Dallas have joined midsize firm Munck Wilson Mandala.

Melanie Okon said she and partner Susan Hannagan decided that moving to technology-focused Munck Wilson will provide them the opportunity to get more complex litigation.

“We were kind of struggling to get the big cases,” said Okon, who founded Okon Hannagan three years ago with Hannagan.

That difficulty was one of the issues Okon discussed with Texas Lawyer affiliate Law.com this spring for a story about the advantages of working at a women-owned firm.

Okon and Hannagan started at Munck Wilson Monday, along with associate Sarika Patel and corporate counsel Stephanie Elovitz.

Although she will no longer be part of a women-owned firm, Okon said she was impressed by Munck Wilson’s sponsorship of S.H.E. Summit Dallas, a networking event she attended with clients last year. That convinced Okon that the firm cares about the success of women, she said. Okon also said she heard many good things about the firm from partner Amanda Greenspon—she and Okon play on a tennis team together.

The Okon Hannagan lawyers do complex commercial litigation, intellectual property litigation, employment law, construction law, real estate litigation and energy litigation.

Managing partner William Munck said in a press release that Okon and Hannagan have “impressive litigation experience and they embody our goal of attracting the best legal talent to represent our clients.”

In May, Munck Wilson hired video gaming trademark lawyer D. Wade Cloud Jr. In January, the firm added an office in Los Angeles by merging with Hecker Law Group, an intellectual property and entertainment boutique.

Munck Wilson has offices in Dallas, Houston, Marshall, Texas, and Los Angeles.

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