Houston litigator Susan Noe Wilson, a partner at Schouest, Bamdas, Soshea & BenMaier, faces a $1 million lawsuit in which a Houston man alleges she rear-ended his vehicle while driving in Houston and “sped away” instead of pulling over to exchange insurance information.

Plaintiff Ronald Richardson further alleges that after Wilson’s vehicle was identified and his lawyer contacted her, Wilson claimed that a nanny was driving the vehicle. When pressed for an identifying photograph of the nanny, he alleges, she “ceased communication with plaintiff’s counsel.”

Richardson, represented by Anthony Buzbee of The Buzbee Law Firm, alleges in the petition filed on Oct. 4 in state district court in Houston that he was stopped at a light on San Felipe on the morning of Aug. 8 when Wilson, who was in a white Jeep, failed to stop and “slammed” into the back of his vehicle.

“Mrs. Wilson at first acted as if she was going to follow Mr. Richardson into the parking lot, but at the last minute sped away from the scene. Unfortunately for Mrs. Wilson, she was followed by someone who took photos of her fleeing car. The license plate of that vehicle was later traced to Mrs. Wilson,” Richardson alleges in the petition.

Another individual witnessed the accident and identified the driver of the white jeep as a white female with short, blonde hair, which is a description that matches Wilson, according to the petition.

Richardson brings failure to stop and render aid and negligence causes of action against Wilson and alleges that if an employee of Wilson’s was driving the vehicle, Wilson is responsible and thereby engaged in negligent entrustment and gross negligence. The plaintiff seeks up to $1 million in damages.

In response to the allegations, Wilson issued this statement: “I am ready to take appropriate responsibility for any injury or damage caused by my vehicle, but I was not driving or even in the vehicle during this alleged incident, there is no damage to my vehicle, and I do not believe the claims made in this lawsuit will withstand scrutiny.”

Buzbee, Richardson’s attorney, could immediately be reached for comment.