Briefings briefings keep you ahead of trends rocking the legal industry with critical analysis on a range of legal topics – from new pressures on law firms, to innovation in legal education, plus class actions, intellectual property, compliance updates, and more. Briefings

Critical Analysis on U.S. Legal Topics

Dan Packel

Business of Law: The Law Firm Disrupted

Firm Management | Strategy

Dan Packel surveys the new competitive pressures on law firms and how their managers are coping, plus insights on the tactics and tech employed by would-be disruptors.

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Christine Charnosky

Legal Education: Ahead of the Curve


Christine Charnosky examines transformation in legal education, spotlighting innovation and separating fact from flash as law schools prepare their students for a rapidly changing industry.

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Meghann Cuniff

Future of Litigation: What’s Next?

Future + Litigation

From AI to blockchain to digital surveillance, Meghann Cuniff reports on developments at the intersection of law and technology, peering around the corner at the courtroom clashes and policy choices that promise to revolutionize business, life and the practice of law.

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Andrew Goudsward

White-Collar: Compliance Hot Spots

Regulation | Enforcement | GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS

Andrew Goudsward breaks down the latest developments in compliance, enforcement and government affairs, reporting on what regulators are up to and arming in-house counsel and their outside partners with the insight to obtain better outcomes.

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Avalon Zoppo

Brad Kutner

Bench Report

Your guide to the latest judicial news

Avalon Zoppo and Brad Kutner are your guide to what’s happening with judges across the country, from the opinions they’re writing to the rules they’re facing, and the scrutiny they may (or may not) be under. Tune in for the latest on judicial trends, including who might be next to sit on the bench and what’s in store for the future of the judiciary.

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Cheryl Miller

Cannabis: Higher Law


Cheryl Miller untangles the compliance issues around marijuana legalization, tracks state and federal regulatory developments, and delivers the information lawyers need to advise clients in this emerging industry.

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Amanda Bronstad

Class Actions: Critical Mass

Class Actions | Mass Torts

Amanda Bronstad obsesses over class actions and mass torts, keeping you in-the-loop on the news that matters—big wins, novel legal strategies, appellate battles and who’s getting the work.

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Scott Graham

IP: Skilled in the Art

Everything IP

Scott Graham digests the latest developments on everything IP and helps make sense of the trends, data, and politics around patents.

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Jessica Mach

L&E: Labor of Law

Labor | Employment

Jesica Mach reports on the hot spots in employment law—emerging issues, novel cases, and the policy, politics, and personalities reshaping the workplace.

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Greg Andrews

Inside Track


Greg Andrews connects the in-house community with a weekly run-through of what and who you need to know to survive and thrive in the modern-day legal department.

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Critical Analysis on Global Legal Topics

Lisa Shuchman

Paul Hodkinson

The Global Lawyer

Legal News from Around the World

A curated selection of our international content from around the globe, across the business of law, in-house, regulatory, technology and more, with expert insights from our senior editors. Delivered weekly to your inbox.

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Jessica Seah

The Asia Legal Briefing


A look at the Asian legal market and its law firms, in-house legal departments and more, with expert news and analysis from International’s Asia Editor. Delivered weekly to your inbox.

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Krishnan Nair

Paul Hodkinson

The London Lawyer Briefing

Analysing London’s Legal Landscape

A weekly look at the biggest news in the London region and what it means for your business.

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