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  • Everybody Loves Data at Today’s Law Firms

    Sharon Goldman | December 01, 2017

    As more law firms hope to glean business-boosting insights from legal analytics tools and data-driven solutions, it’s become increasingly essential for everyone walking a firm’s hallways to understand the data they produce.

  • Legal Analytics 101

    Sharon Goldman | December 01, 2017

    Data analytics is still in its infancy, yet industry experts believe that it can help law firms and in-house corporate departments become more efficient.

  • Getting Started With Legal Analytics

    Sharon Goldman | December 01, 2017

    Are you ready to dip your firm’s collective toe into the pool of legal analytics? Are you wondering how to begin deriving insight and value from your firm’s data?

  • Legal Analytics: More Than Just Hype?

    Sharon Goldman | December 01, 2017

    Nearly every respondent agreed that analytics will be indispensable to the practice of law over the next 10 years, according to the Coalition of Technology Resources for Lawyers report.

  • Q&A: Lawyer Plus Data Scientist Equals Success

    Sharon Goldman | December 01, 2017

    In a landscape where data analytics talent is in short supply across all industries, it can be hard to find a lawyer who understands deeply how to leverage the latest advanced data science techniques.

  • Legal Analytics for In-House Counsel

    Sharon Goldman | December 01, 2017

    Law firms are not alone in their efforts to dig into data using the latest legal analytics solutions: In-house corporate legal teams are also expanding…

  • Controlling Costs with Legal Analytics

    Sharon Goldman | December 01, 2017

    Legal analytics helps law professionals keep down costs by offering a quicker and more accurate review of e-discovery data.


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