How Law Firms Can Boost the Use of Data Analytics

Sharon Goldman | March 25, 2018

The rise of data analytics in the legal world over the past decade has been inevitable as legal tasks have always involved intensive data gathering and analysis.

The Ethics of Legal Analytics

Sharon Goldman | March 22, 2018

The use of analytics has also raised ethical concerns related to issues such as confidentiality, communication, records and supervision, and more.

Getting a Better View: Data Visualization in Legal Analytics

Sharon Goldman | March 22, 2018

With the right visual representations of data, legal analytics tools can help quickly identify issues with the data and recognize potential patterns.

How Legal Analytics Can Help Create the Perfect Pitch

Sharon Goldman | March 20, 2018

Legal analytics tools help firms address the right needs and stand out from the competition.

Ensuring Data Accuracy for Better Legal Insights

Christina Lembo | March 15, 2018

Data can reveal countless patterns and insights when mined correctly – with the help of a skilled data scientist and the right technology.

Securing Your Law Firm Data: Better Analysis Through Better Governance

Christina Lembo | March 13, 2018

How can you keep your client data safe, comply with regulations and still gain value from it?

Building a Law Firm Data Science Team: 4 Traits of a Great Data Scientist

Christina Lembo | March 07, 2018

While it may seem like a daunting task to find somebody who is well-versed both in the law and data science, there are certain traits that make great lawyers and great data scientists.

How Law Firms Are Innovating and Succeeding with Analytics: 4 Case Studies

Christina Lembo | February 22, 2018

Four real-world examples of law firms using analytics to drive business development and successful client outcomes.

How Law Firms Can Use Legal Analytics to Boost Diversity Efforts

Christina Lembo | February 16, 2018

Law firms have a gender problem – and analytics may be the way toward more equitable and effective recruiting and advancement initiatives. The…

Big Data and Employment Decision-Making: How Analytics Can Add Value

Sharon Goldman | February 13, 2018

Analytics solutions can improve HR decision-making in hiring, performance evaluations, advancement, and policy implementation.

6 Legal Analytics Trends to Watch in 2018

Sharon Goldman | February 07, 2018

What's driving today's legal industry to new heights?

Boosting Patent Power: Using Analytics to Take IP Litigation to the Next Level

Sharon Goldman | February 01, 2018

Inventors may use patents to protect their creations, but obtaining and defending patents has long meant engaging the help of specialized lawyers – who are now, in turn, getting some important assistance from the latest in legal analytics.

Bringing the Bot into Today's Law Firm: How AI-Powered Chatbots Are Changing the Landscape

Sharon Goldman | January 30, 2018

AI is changing how lawyers think about their roles, how law firms go about their business and how clients set expectations for products and services.

6 Essential Questions that Legal Analytics Can Help Answer

Sharon Goldman | January 25, 2018

Lawyers seek answers to often perplexing questions – and analytics is helping them find those answers faster and more accurately than ever before.

Beyond the Gut: How Analytics is Transforming Legal Decision-Making

Sharon Goldman | January 23, 2018

The analytics of legal decision-making is reducing gray areas into more precise, fact-based, data-driven decisions.

Harnessing the Power of Data: Q&A with a Chief Data Scientist

Sharon Goldman | January 05, 2018

Bennett Borden, chief data scientist at the Philadelphia firm of Drinker, Biddle & Reath, discusses his take on the evolution of legal analytics.

How to Get the Most ROI Out of Legal Analytics

Sharon Goldman | December 29, 2017

Legal analytics is on the upswing - firms can see real bottom-line value when incorporating analytics into day-to-day processes.

5 Myths About Legal Analytics, Busted

Sharon Goldman | December 24, 2017

To fully leverage the benefits of analytics, it’s important to have an accurate grasp of the landscape.

Controlling Costs with Legal Analytics

Sharon Goldman | December 01, 2017

Legal analytics helps law professionals keep down costs by offering a quicker and more accurate review of e-discovery data.

Legal Analytics for In-House Counsel

Sharon Goldman | December 01, 2017

Law firms are not alone in their efforts to dig into data using the latest legal analytics solutions: In-house corporate legal teams are also expanding…

Legal Analytics: Overcoming 4 Key Challenges

Sharon Goldman | December 01, 2017

When adopting legal analytics, leading firms will often take four key challenges into consideration.

Making it Rain: How Biz Dev Can Boom with Legal Analytics

Sharon Goldman | December 01, 2017

Legal analytics has been playing a critical role in bringing business development to the next level.

Q&A: Lawyer Plus Data Scientist Equals Success

Sharon Goldman | December 01, 2017

In a landscape where data analytics talent is in short supply across all industries, it can be hard to find a lawyer who understands deeply how to leverage the latest advanced data science techniques.

Legal Analytics: More Than Just Hype?

Sharon Goldman | December 01, 2017

Nearly every respondent agreed that analytics will be indispensable to the practice of law over the next 10 years, according to the Coalition of Technology Resources for Lawyers report.

Getting Started With Legal Analytics

Sharon Goldman | December 01, 2017

Are you ready to dip your firm’s collective toe into the pool of legal analytics? Are you wondering how to begin deriving insight and value from your firm’s data?

Legal Analytics 101

Sharon Goldman | December 01, 2017

Data analytics is still in its infancy, yet industry experts believe that it can help law firms and in-house corporate departments become more efficient.

Everybody Loves Data at Today’s Law Firms

Sharon Goldman | December 01, 2017

As more law firms hope to glean business-boosting insights from legal analytics tools and data-driven solutions, it’s become increasingly essential for everyone walking a firm’s hallways to understand the data they produce.