Tom Groom

Tom is a recognized eDiscovery and Predictive Analytics expert with more than three decades of experience in information technology, litigation support, document review, and eDiscovery. As part of the consulting team, Tom professionally advises both corporations and law firms on issues involving ESI, including defensible collection methodologies, optimized ESI processing and document review workflows, usage of leading technology (such as Predictive Coding and Technology Assisted Review) and litigation contingency and readiness planning. He is also the point person for matters involving complex electronic discovery services, production coordination, Web‐based repositories, and Predictive Coding. Tom has supported cases involving mergers & acquisitions, antitrust, securities, environmental, patent infringement, products liability, as well as other general litigation.

  • Applying Predictive Data Analytics in Discovery: Part 1

    Applying Predictive Data Analytics in Discovery: Part 1