judge-and-gavelTwenty-seven Supreme Court justices who want to remain on the bench after the mandatory retirement age of 70 have been approved for two-year terms by the Administrative Office of the Courts.

Under Judiciary Law §115, a judge who reaches age 70 is allowed to seek a two-year term three times before retiring at age 76. No one was turned down this year, said Lucian Chalfen, director of public information.For a judge to be certificated, it must be determined that he or she has the mental and physical capacity to perform the duties of the office and that his services are necessary to expedite the business of the Supreme Court.

Judges on the Court of Appeals do not have the option of serving after age 70.

The following justices were approved:

First Department: Richard Andrias (Appellate Division), Peter Tom (Appellate Division), Barry Ostrager, O. Peter Sherwood, Roger Hayes, Ruben Franco,  John Carter, Michael Gross, William Mogulescu and Robert Neary

Second Department: Michael Pesce, David Vaughan, Edgar  Walker,  John Ingram, William Miller, Gerald Loehr, Terry  Ruderman, Elaine Slobod, Mary Smith, Anna Anzalone,  Angelo  Delligatti,  H. Patrick Leis III,  Carol MacKenzie,  Margaret McGowan and Allan Weiss

Fourth  Department: Thomas Stander and Jeremiah Moriarty, III