FAQ This Q&A will help you become familiar with the new law.com

Q. What does “Powered by Law.com” mean?

A. All of ALM’s legal publications will have their websites served from one interconnected platform, powered by Law.com, giving you easy access to additional relevant content. You will easily see content across publications, with appropriate branding so you know the source of the story.

Q. What are the benefits of an interconnected platform?

A. Easily navigate between the 18 legal publications. Easy access* to other ALM solutions and premium services like ALM Intelligence and VerdictSearch. *Some content may require an additional subscription

Q. Where is the news section?

A. News is now a part of the home page and flows down the page in reverse chronological order. The publication, formatted date, and title allow for quick and easy navigation.

Q. What if I’m looking for a specific article?

A. If you are unsure of when the article published, use our intelligent search engine. Search with keywords, and easily narrow your search by a date range or a specific publication. Our improved search engine will pull in precise results based on your keywords as well as phrases and topics related to your search.

Q. I can’t find the section I used to go to online. What is the best way to navigate to the page?

A. Drop down the Menu or check the navigation bar across the top of the page (double-check the More + link to expand your search). Still having trouble? Try our improved search engine!

Q. Will the content change?

A. No. You will still receive all the insights and analysis curated by our expert team of reporters and editors. It simply has an enhanced online and mobile experience.

Q. What are Trending Stories?

A. Trending Stories will show you what is trending across the entire suite of legal publications, keeping you up to speed on the stories creating the biggest buzz in the legal community.

Q. I have bookmarked my favorite pages. Will I have to update them?

A. No. We have provided a streamlined process that will automatically direct you to the new optimized page, even if you are clicking from newsletters.

Q. What are Law Topics?

A. Law Topics provides you with an easy way to access content that is most relevant to you and your interests.  Law Topics includes topic areas, areas of law and industries. You now have the ability to track and Follow topics across all ALM legal publications by setting up a customized alert that will deliver email alerts to your inbox at the frequency you select, either daily or weekly.

Q. What happens when I click on Follow at the top of a page?

A. Click on Follow to set up a customized alert that matches the type of content found in the article.

Q. What is a customized alert?

A. A customized alert is your personalized alert generated from a keyword search or topic of your choosing.  When creating an alert, you will have the option to specify the frequency – daily or weekly – as well as the day and time you would like to see it in your inbox. Need to pause or discontinue an alert? Easily manage your alerts from your My Account page.

Q. What is Dig Deeper?

A. Dig Deeper is located at the end of every article page. It is a collection of the Law Topics relevant to the article. By clicking on any of the topics in the Dig Deeper section, you can review more recent coverage associated with the topic.

Q. What are Recommended Stories?

A. Recommended Stories are selected based on the Law Topics in the article you are currently reading.

Q. What is the Law Firms section?

A. Law Firm pages provide a comprehensive look at firms that are a part of the AmLaw 200, NLJ 500, and Global 100.  Information in these profiles includes a firm overview, snapshot of the firm’s rankings history and key stats from ALM Intelligence, as well as related news articles, whitepapers and jobs from Lawjobs.com.

Q. What if I want to read something but I am not a subscriber?

A. If you already have a sign in with a username and password, then you are a part of the ALM Digital Membership program. Still not sure? Go to any of our websites and sign in. You will be prompted to register for a free Digital Membership if you have not signed up yet.

Q. What is a Digital Membership?

A. An ALM Digital Membership provides you access to 5 free articles every 30 days* from any of the sites across the entire suite of ALM publications. Even if you subscribe to one publication, you can still read articles from other sister legal publications. *Some premium content may be excluded.

Q. What if I still cannot access an article?

A. You have reached your Digital Membership limit, or you are attempting to access premium content restricted to paying subscribers. Click on the Subscribe button at the top of the home page, or contact our experienced Account Specialists to discuss the best subscription package to suit your needs: 1-855-808-4530 or send an email to groupsales@alm.com.

Q. I already subscribe to one of your publications but I couldn’t access an article. What do I do?

A. First, make sure you are signed in to the website. If you are, then you may be trying to access premium content from another publication, or have exceeded your Digital Membership article limit. Contact our experienced Account Specialists to discuss the best subscription package to suit your needs: 1-855-808-4530 or send an email to groupsales@alm.com.

Still have a question?

Contact Us using the link located in the footer of our website, or reach out to our Customer Service Center: call 1-877-256-247 or send an email to customercare@alm.com