Settle vs. Litigate: Making the More Statistically Sound Decision



How do you make the decision about whether to settle a case or advance to trial? Is it anecdotal information? Statistical data? If you do use analytics, how do you know they’re sound?

Join this exclusive webcast where trial experts will run through data points that people don’t know they can use and discuss how they’ve used those numbers in their own decision making. Discover how you can see instant ROI increases by leveraging the power of analytics to make more informed case decisions and gain a competitive advantage.

Secure your spot and learn to:

  • Use analytics to make the best-case decisions for clients
  • Discern what numbers are available, and how useful each one is
  • Make the business case for adjusting case strategy to include next-generation analytics
  • Understand where technology application trends are headed with respect to your practice area

Sponsored by:  Bloomberg Law