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June 24, 2024 | The American Lawyer

Midyear Associate Bonuses Are Catching Big Law Attention, but Will Other Firms Actually Follow?

"Could it get some of those firms thinking? I think it definitely could," said Stephanie Biderman, an associate recruiter.
5 minute read
June 21, 2024 | The American Lawyer

McKool Smith Issues Mid-Year Bonuses

"We know it's been a busy 2024 and want to show our appreciation for your contribution to the firm's continued success and the success of our clients," firm Chair David Sochia wrote in a memo provided to The American Lawyer.
3 minute read
May 09, 2024 | National Law Journal

The National Law Journal Announces 2024 Elite Trial Lawyers Awards Finalists

ALM is pleased to announce the finalists and honorees for the 2024 Elite Trial Lawyers awards. The winners will be named at an award ceremony to be held in New York City on July 11.
5 minute read
February 27, 2024 | Texas Lawyer

Kirkland, Jackson Walker and Ex-Bankruptcy Judge Hit With Another Suit

A former CEO alleges Jackson Walker and Kirkland knew of a judge's relationship with a partner "and used it to profit" by bringing tens of millions of dollars through the "Jones'-Freeman conduit."
5 minute read
February 16, 2024 | Texas Lawyer

McKool Smith IP Associate Becomes Patent Holder With Bar Exam Study App

McKool Smith intellectual property litigation associate Kyle Ryman was recently awarded a patent for an app that delivers a study system that helped him earn a top score on the Texas Bar Examination.
2 minute read
December 26, 2023 | Texas Lawyer

Amid Strong Performance in Local Markets, Law Firms Continued to Open Up Shop in Texas in 2023

Out-of-state firms continued to open offices in the robust Texas market throughout 2023, and a number of firms put new leaders into place.
5 minute read
December 20, 2023 | Litigation Daily

Taking the Temperature of Litigation Leaders in 2023

Here's one last visit with the 16 leaders of Big Law litigation practices and elite boutiques we queried this year as part of our Litigation Leaders Q&A series.
11 minute read
May 18, 2023 | The American Lawyer

Mike McKool Has Departed McKool Smith to Form New Firm

McKool Smith founder Mike McKool resigned on Wednesday to pursue a litigation opportunity that he could not take at his former firm due to conflicts.
3 minute read
July 08, 2022 |

Skilled in the Art With Scott Graham: Apple, Kirkland Are Poised to Keep $300 Million Patent Submerged + CAFC Might Avoid SEPs at the ITC + Kathi Vidal Thinks VLSI's $2.175 Billion Patents Are Probably Invalid

A panel of Federal Circuit judges didn't sound inclined to rescue a 'submarine' patent that led to a $308 million jury verdict against Apple.
8 minute read
April 19, 2022 | Texas Lawyer

Court Questions Fox Sports Trademarks as United States Football League Season Begins

The new USFL kicked off its fourth season 37 years after the third season.
6 minute read