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According to the National Law Journal's 2018 NLJ 500 ranking of firms based on size, Lowenstein Sandler has 268 attorneys and is ranked 158th in the United States.  With $270,593...
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  • In re: Appraisal of Stillwater Mining Co.

    Publication Date: 2019-09-04
    Practice Area: Mergers and Acquisitions
    Industry: Investments and Investment Advisory | Mining and Resources
    Court: Court of Chancery
    Judge: Vice Chancellor Laster
    Attorneys: For plaintiff: Samuel T. Hirzel, II, Elizabeth A. DeFelice, Heyman Enerio Gattuso & Hirzel LLP, Wilmington, DE; Lawrence M. Rolnick, Steven M. Hecht, Jonathan M. Kass and Glenn McGillivray, Lowenstein Sandler LLP, New York, NY for petitioners.
    for defendant: S. Mark Hurd and Lauren Neal Bennett, Morris, Nichols, Arsht & Tunnell LLP, Wilmington, DE; James R. Warnot, Jr., Adam S. Lurie, Brenda D. DiLuigi, Nicole E. Jerry and Elizabeth M. Raulston, Linklaters LLP, New York, NY for respondent.

    Case Number: D68690

    In this statutory appraisal proceeding, the court concluded that the deal price was the most persuasive indicator of fair value at the time of the merger.