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February 06, 2024 | Connecticut Law Tribune

Koskoff Koskoff & Bieder Now Represents 83 Patients in IVF Lawsuits

"The Koskoff firm is continuing to seek justice for these victims and hold Yale REI accountable for its inexcusable systemic failures," Sarah Steinfeld said.
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January 18, 2024 | Connecticut Law Tribune

Supreme Court Determines Town Clerk Can't Decline to Submit Valid Candidates

"In this case, a local official tried to keep candidates off a ballot line for raw political reasons," said Chris Mattei of Koskoff Koskoff & Bieder, counsel for Danbury Mayor Robert Alves. "The trial court and the Supreme Court both vindicated the principle that local officials cannot put their finger on the scale for the candidates they favor."
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December 18, 2023 | Connecticut Law Tribune

'Another Slice of the Distasteful Pie'?: Alex Jones' Challenge to Contempt Fails

"Candidly, the court's treatment of Mr. Jones has been the biggest disappointment in my 30-year career," Norm Pattis said.
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October 23, 2023 | Connecticut Law Tribune

Sandy Hook Plaintiffs Overcome Hurdle to Recover Judgment From Alex Jones, But Is It Enough?

"The size of the judgment reflects how reprehensible the conduct was," Nicholas Koffroth said, "but is unlikely to represent what is going to be the ultimate recovery."
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October 10, 2023 | Connecticut Law Tribune

'They Are Coming Forward': Litigation Rising Against Yale Clinic Over Fentanyl

"The painkiller diversion went on for a matter of years, during which they ignored evidence of diversion and left countless patients in the dark about the truth of what had happened to them," Josh Koskoff, one of the attorneys for the plaintiffs, claimed.
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August 23, 2023 | Connecticut Law Tribune

New Lawsuit Filed Against Yale Over Nurse Who Stole Fentanyl Vials

"The true scale of the mass diversion of fentanyl at Yale University remains unknown," the complaint said. "But a Drug Enforcement Agency inspection and a criminal investigation found that over a five-month period, the diverting nurse adulterated at least 75% of all fentanyl housed at the REI Clinic."
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August 22, 2023 | Connecticut Law Tribune

EVOLVING LAW: Court Allows Emotional Distress Damages in MedMal Definition

In the past, courts were hesitant to grant emotional distress damages, but "as our understanding of emotional trauma has evolved", the reluctance has decreased, the opinion said.
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July 21, 2023 | Connecticut Law Tribune

'I Thought I Wouldn't Have Any Success': The Story Behind a Law Firm's Victories

"Throughout the years we've handled cases that may not be smart from a straight-up business perspective," Josh Koskoff said.
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July 05, 2023 | Connecticut Law Tribune

Connecticut Movers: Recent Recognitions

Leading organizations highlight the work of students and fellow attorneys.
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June 16, 2023 | Connecticut Law Tribune

Connecticut Supreme Court Divided on Interpretation of Election Law

"We will not lightly overturn election results, especially not on the basis of such simplistic logic and unsupported inferences," the Supreme Court said.
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