• Sullivan v. Nassau Cnty. Interim Fin. Auth.

    Publication Date: 2020-05-19
    Practice Area: Constitutional Law | Employment Litigation
    Industry: State and Local Government
    Court: U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit
    Judge: Circuit Judge Guido Calabresi
    Attorneys: For plaintiff: In support of Plaintiffs-Appellants Brian Sullivan and Nassau County Sheriff's Correction Officers Benevolent Association: Howard Wien, Koehler & Isaacs LLP, New York, NY. In support of Plaintiffs-Appellants James Carver, Gary Learned, and Thomas R. Willdigg: Alan M. Klinger, Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP; Steven E. Losquardo, PC, Rocky Point, NY, on the brief, Shira A. Scheindlin, Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP, New York, NY. In support of Plaintiffs-Appellants Jerry Laricchiuta, Danny Donohue, and Civil Service Employees Association, Inc.: Daren J. Rylewicz, Leslie C. Perrin, Civil Service Employees Association, Inc., Albany, NY, on the brief, Aaron E. Kaplan, Civil Service Employees Association, Albany, NY.
    for defendant: In support of Defendants-Appellees Nassau County Interim Finance Authority, Ronald A. Stack, George J. Marlin, Leonard D. Steinman, Thomas W. Stokes, Robert A. Wild, and Christopher P. Wright: Christopher Gunther, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP, New York, NY. In support of Defendants-Appellees Edward Mangano and George Maragos: Jared A. Kasschau, Nassau County Attorney, Mineola, NY; Ana C. Shields, Ashley Zangara, Jackson Lewis P.C., on the brief, Marc S. Wenger, Jackson Lewis P.C., Melville, NY.

    Case Number: 18-1587-cv

    NIFA Acted With Legitimate Purpose When Freezing Wages to Combat County's Fiscal Crisis

  • Carver v. Nassau Cnty. Interim Fin. Auth.

    Publication Date: 2018-05-02
    Practice Area: Constitutional Law | Contracts
    Industry: State and Local Government
    Court: U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York, U.S. - EDNY
    Judge: District Judge Joanna Seybert
    Attorneys: For plaintiff: For Plaintiffs: PBA: Alan M. Klinger, Esq., Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP, New York, New York.
    for defendant: Harry Greenberg, Esq., Seth Greenberg, Esq., Greenberg Burzichelli Greenberg PC, Lake Success, NY.; CSEA: Aaron Kaplan, Esq., Civil Service Employees Association, Inc., Albany, New York.; COBA: Howard G. Wirn, Esq., Koehler & Isaacs, LLP, New York, New York.; Defendants: NIFA: Christopher J. Gunther, Esq., Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, LLP, New York, New York.; Nassau County: Marc S. Wenger, Esq., Ana C. Shields, Esq., Jackson Lewis P.C., Melville, New York.

    Case Number: 11-cv-1614

    2011 Wage Freeze Ordered by NIFA Does Not Violate U.S. Constitution's Contract Clause

  • Daily Report Online

    ABA President Urges Senate to Restore Legal Aid Funding

    May 17, 2017

    American Bar Association president Linda Klein, senior managing shareholder at Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz in Atlanta, used declining revenue, increasing need and the words of

  • People v. Winbush

    Publication Date: 2017-01-26
    Practice Area: Criminal Law | Constitutional Law
    Date Filed: 2017-01-26
    Court: Ca. Sup. Ct.
    Attorneys: For plaintiff: Kamala D. Harris, Attorney General, Dane R. Gillette and Gerald A. Engler, Chief Assistant Attorneys General, Ronald S. Matthias, Assistant Attorney General, Glenn R. Pruden, Alice B. Lustre and Karen Z. Bovarnick, Deputy Attorneys General, for Plaintiff and Respondent.
    for defendant: Richard Jay Moller, under appointment by the Supreme Court, for Defendant and Appellant.

    Case Number:

    Cite as 17 C.D.O.S. 753 THE PEOPLE, Plaintiff and Respondent, v. GRAYLAND WINBUSH, Defenda

  • The American Lawyer

    Firm Leaders: We Must Safeguard the Rule of Law

    November 9, 2016

      In the wake of Donald Trump's election, several Big Law leaders are calling on the profession to take a more vocal and visible stand to protect the rule of law. "Given

  • Clabourne v. Ryan

    Publication Date: 2014-03-05
    Practice Area:
    Date Filed: 2014-03-05
    Court: 9th Cir.
    Judge: Raner C. Collins, District Judge, Presiding Before: Marsha S. Berzon, Richard R. Clifton, and Sandra S. Ikuta, Circuit Judges.
    Attorneys: For plaintiff: S. Jonathan Young, Williamson & Young, PC, Tucson, Arizona, for Petitioner-Appellant.
    for defendant: Jeffrey A. Zick (argued), Office of the Attorney General, Phoenix, Arizona; Kent Cattani and Amy Pignatella Cain, Office of the Attorney General, Tucson, Arizona, for Respondent-Appellee.

    Case Number: No. 09-99022

    Cite as 14 C.D.O.S. 2365 SCOTT D. CLABOURNE, Petitioner-Appellant, v. CHARLES L. RYA

  • US v. Stephen Aguiar, 11-5262-cr(L)

    Publication Date: 2013-12-17
    Practice Area:
    Court: U.S. Court of Appeals, Second Circuit
    Judge: Before: Jacobs, Pooler and Hall, C.JJ.
    Attorneys: For plaintiff: For Defendant-Appellant Stephen Aguiar: David J. Williams, Jarvis, McArthur & Williams LLC, Burlington, VT.
    for defendant: For Defendant-Appellant Corey Whitcomb: Richard C. Bothfeld, Bothfeld & Volk, PC, Burlington, VT. For Defendant-Appellant William Murray: Robert S. Behrens, Burlington, VT. For Appellee: Tristam J. Coffin, United States Attorney for the District of Vermont, Gregory L. Waples, Assistant United States Attorney, on the brief, Wendy L. Fuller, Assistant United States Attorney, Burlington, VT.

    Case Number: 11-5262-cr(L)

    Cite as: US v. Stephen Aguiar, 11-5262-cr(L), NYLJ 1202633159364, at *1 (2d Cir., Decided December 13, 2013) 11-5262-cr(L) Before: Jacobs, Pooler