• Willis v. The State

    Publication Date: 2018-11-07
    Practice Area: Criminal Appeals | Criminal Law
    Court: Georgia Supreme Court
    Judge: Justice Benham
    Attorneys: For plaintiff: Charles Henry Frier, Atlanta, Akil K. Secret, (The Secret Firm, PC.), Atlanta, for appellant.
    for defendant: Patricia B. Attaway Burton, Sabrina Dawn Graham, Paula Khristian Smith, Christopher M. Carr, Channell Veena Singh, (Department of Law), Atlanta, Paul L. Howard, Jr., Kevin Christopher Armstrong, Lyndsey Hurst Rudder, (Fulton County District Attorney's Office), Atlanta, for appellee. Brian Kammer, (Georgia Resource Center), Atlanta, for other party.

    Case Number: S18P0915

    Court Affirms Imposition of the Death Penalty for Home-Invasion Murderer