• Kugel v. Broadway 280 Park Fee LLC

    Publication Date: 2021-01-28
    Practice Area: Civil Procedure
    Court: Supreme Court, New York
    Judge: Justice Lyle Frank
    Attorneys: For plaintiff: Plaintiff's counsel: Michael Kohan, Esq., & Adam Zabary, Esq., Kohan Law Group, PC.
    for defendant: Defendant: c/o Broadway Partners`Rojika Arboleda, Law Office of James J. Toomey Broadway 280 Park Fee LLC. Defendant: Jeffrey L Richman, Gallo Vitucci & Klar, Ferran Contracting Corp. Defendant: Metropolitan Transit Authority — Lillian Khoury, Hoguet Newman Regal & Kenney, LLP. Defendant: The City of New York — Corporation Counsel, New York City Corporation Counsel.

    Case Number: 157131/2020

    Reasonable Excuse, Lack of Prejudice to MTA Grants Plainitff Filing Late Notice of Claim

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