• Matter of People v. N. Leasing Sys. Inc.

    Publication Date: 2021-02-19
    Practice Area: Consumer Protection | White Collar Crime
    Industry: Financial Services and Banking | State and Local Government
    Court: Appellate Division, First Department
    Judge: Justice Troy Webber
    Attorneys: For plaintiff: For the State of New York and Letitia James, Respondents-Appellants: Ester Murdukhayeva and Steven C. Wu of counsel, Letitia James, Attorney General, New York.
    for defendant: For Northern Leasing Systems, Inc., Lease Finance Group LLC, MBF Leasing LLC, Lease Source-LSI, LLC, Golden Eagle Leasing LLC, Pushpin Holdings LLC, Jay Cohen and Neil Hertzman, Respondents-Appellants: Andrew J. Levander, Neil Steiner and Patrick Andriola of counsel, Dechert LLP, New York, Robert D. Lillienstein and Scott E. Silberfein of counsel, Moses & Singer LLP, New York. For Joseph I. Sussman, Joseph I. Sussman, P.C. and Eliyahu R. Babad, Appellants-Respondents: Robert A. Freilich and Mark M. Rottenberg of counsel, Rottenberg Lipman Rich, P.C., New York.

    Case Number: 450460/16

    Party's Conduct in Procuring EFLs Falls in 'Sham Exception' to 'Noerr-Pennington' Doctrine