• Reid v. Morris et al.

    Publication Date: 2020-08-07
    Practice Area: Damages
    Court: Georgia Supreme Court
    Judge: Justice Boggs
    Attorneys: For plaintiff: Scott Jackson Harrison, (Monge & Associates), Atlanta, for appellant.
    for defendant: Keith S. Stroud, Lakenin Morris, Griffin, for appellee. James Darren Summerville, Anna Green Cross, Maxwell Kent Thelen, (The Summerville Firm, LLC), Atlanta, for Amicus Appellant. William Wright Banks, Andrew Alan Pinson, Christopher M. Carr, Ross Warren Bergethon, (Department of Law), Atlanta, Dennis R. Dunn, Tucker, David Norton Nelson, (Chambless, Higdon, Richardson, Katz & Griggs, LLP), Macon, Jeffrey S. Ward, (Drew, Eckl & Farnham LLP), Brunswick, Elissa Blache Haynes, (Drew, Eckl & Farnham LLP), Atlanta, Malissa Anne Kaufold-Wiggins, (Balch & Bingham, LLP), Atlanta, for Other Party.

    Case Number: S20A0107

    Trial Court Must Determine Whether DUI Defendant Was an 'Active Tortfeasor' and, If So, Must Set Punitive Damages Amount Against Him

  • McCall v. Cooper Tire & Rubber Company

    Publication Date: 2020-07-02
    Practice Area: Civil Procedure | Personal Injury
    Industry: Automotive
    Court: Georgia Court of Appeals
    Judge: Judge Mercier
    Attorneys: For plaintiff: Cale Conley, Scott Farrow, William Owens, (Conley Griggs Partin, LLP), Atlanta, for appellant.
    for defendant: Christopher Anulewicz, (Balch & Bingham LLP), Atlanta, Patrick Arndt, George Neuhauser, (Nall & Miller, LLP), Atlanta, Douglas Horelick, (Clyde & Co US LLP), Miami, for appellee. Rian Ervin, (The Suggs Law Firm, P.C.), Atlanta, Neal Scott, (Law Office of Terry-Dawn Thomas), Atlanta, for other party.

    Case Number: A20A0933

    Court reverses order that granted foreign corporation's motion to dismiss on personal jurisdiction grounds because that corporation was a resident for purposes of personal jurisdiction

  • Daily Report Online | News

    Barnes & Thornburg Recruits Lawyer From Kilpatrick—and Other 'On the Move' News

    June 25, 2020

    The firm said the COVID-19 pandemic was "bound to spur more commercial litigation and contractual disputes," making John Moye's litigation practice an asset for clients.

  • Texas Lawyer | News

    Amid COVID-19 Uncertainty, Law Firms Continue Their March Into Texas

    June 2, 2020

    After a lull in new office announcements, D.C.'s Ivins, Phillips & Barker landed in Dallas this week with the GC of a former client who used the firm for employment work.

  • Texas Lawyer | Analysis;Commentary;Expert Opinion;Q&A

    Strategic Exits and Distressed Acquisitions Are in the Cards for Texas M&As in Oil and Gas

    May 21, 2020

    Texas Lawyer spoke to Philip Dunlap, David Bowsher and Derek Anchondo of Balch & Bingham about the types of deals likely to occur in the coming months as well as what to anticipate in the future.

  • The Mid Market Report | Analysis

    Mid-Market Recap: Continued Movement in the Texas Energy Sector

    April 15, 2020

    Oil and gas prices might be down, but that doesn't mean that energy isn't still a driving force in Texas' economy and legal market.

  • Daily Report Online | News

    Ga. Supreme Court Lets Stand Reversal of Game Machine Gambling Conviction

    March 26, 2020

    Thursday's action reboots a federal lawsuit filed against the district attorney who brought the underlying charges.

  • Milliken & Company v. Georgia Power Company

    Publication Date: 2020-03-23
    Practice Area: Contracts
    Industry: Energy
    Court: Georgia Court of Appeals
    Judge: Judge Phipps
    Attorneys: For plaintiff: Stevan Miller, Lisa Richardson, (Drew Eckl & Farnham, LLP), Atlanta, for appellant.
    for defendant: Benjamin Brewton, (Tucker Long, P.C.), Augusta, Malissa Kaufold-Wiggins, Hugh McNatt, (Balch & Bingham LLP), Atlanta, Hugh McNatt, (Balch & Bingham LLP), Vidalia, David Dial, Carol Michel, Thomas Strueber, (Weinberg Wheeler Hudgins Gunn & Dial LLC), Atlanta, for appellee. David Boone, Simone Siex, Ryals Stone, (Boone & Stone), Atlanta, John Clark, (Clark & Smith Law Firm, PC), Macon, William Stone, (William S. Stone, P.C.), Blakely, James Stone, (The Stone Law Group - Trial Lawyers, LLC), Atlanta, David Bell, (Law Office of David B. Bell), Augusta, Nicholas Moraitakis, (Moraitakis & Kushel LLP), Atlanta, James Ellison, James Wall, (Wall Ellison LLP), Augusta, James Strawinski, (Strawinski & Stout, P. C.), Atlanta, Jay O'Brien, (Attorney at Law), Atlanta, Jamie Lebovitz, (Nurenberg, Paris, Heller & McCarthy), Cleveland, Steven Ashby, (Ashby Family Law Associates, P.C.), Tucker, Joseph Brown, David Caine, Lucy Tufts, (Cunningham Bounds, LLC), Mobile, Robert Byrd, Audra Byrd, John Wilkerson, (Turner, Padget, Graham & Laney P.A.), Charleston, E. Armstrong, (Law Offices of Alan Armstrong), Atlanta, David Katzman, (Katzman, Lampert & McMlune), Troy, Michael Schroder, (Swift, Currie, McGhee & Hiers), Atlanta, J. Mozley, (Mozley, Finlayson & Loggins), Atlanta, Mark Gropp, (Wasson Sours & Harris, P.C.), Atlanta, William Floyd, Christine Hall, Peter Van Deventer, Douglas Amster, Gene Kaskiw, Douglas McQueen, (Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith, LLP), Newark, Victoria Carroll, (McMickle Kurey And Branch LLP), Alpharetta, Kenan Loomis, (Cozen O'Connor), Atlanta, for other party.

    Case Number: A17A1706

    Court rules that language in an easement was an indemnification obligation and not just a covenant not to sue

  • Texas Lawyer | News

    Bulk Up or Break Off? Firms Take Varying Paths to Expand Energy Reach

    March 5, 2020

    While traditional oil and gas work has declined, activity in the sector includes lateral hiring, a new firm concentrating on energy litigation, and a firm beefing up energy ranks with transplants.

  • Coen v. Aptean, Inc. et al.

    Publication Date: 2020-02-27
    Practice Area: Damages
    Industry: Software
    Court: Georgia Supreme Court
    Judge: Presiding Justice Nahmias
    Attorneys: For plaintiff:
    for defendant:

    Case Number: S18G1638

    Court interprets OCGA §51-7-83(a) to mean that punitive damages are recoverable in lawsuits over abusive litigation