• Forbes et al. v. Auld et al.

    Publication Date: 2019-08-09
    Practice Area: Civil Procedure | Wrongful Death
    Industry: Travel and Tourism
    Court: Georgia Court of Appeals
    Judge: Presiding Judge McFadden
    Attorneys: For plaintiff: Latif Oduola-Owoo, Robert Arrington, (Arrington Owoo PC), Atlanta, Katrenia Collins, (Attorney at Law), Atlanta, Tricia Hoffler, (Hoffler & Associates, PC), Atlanta, Michael Terry, Amanda Seals, (Bondurant Mixson & Elmore, LLP), Atlanta, for appellant.
    for defendant: Todd Hatcher, (Gregory, Doyle, Calhoun & Rogers, LLC), Marietta, Jennifer Nichols, Douglas Clayton, (Swift, Currie, McGhee & Hiers, LLP), Atlanta, Leigh Wilco, (Weissman, Nowack, Curry & Wilco, P.C.), Atlanta, Steven Stein, (Brady Law Group), San Rafael, for appellee.

    Case Number: A19A0621

    Georgia Law Applied to Determine Whether Wrongful Death Arising From Accident in Belize Was Time-Barred

  • Franklin v. Pitts

    Publication Date: 2019-05-17
    Practice Area: Whistleblower Laws
    Industry: State and Local Government
    Court: Georgia Court of Appeals
    Judge: Judge Brown
    Attorneys: For plaintiff: Torin Togut, (Attorney at Law), Lawrenceville, for appellant.
    for defendant: Parsa Fattahi, Dominique Martinez, Kaye Burwell, (Office of the Fulton County Attorney), Atlanta, for appellee.

    Case Number: A18A1724

    No Whistleblower Act violation where no causal link exists between an employee's grievance and alleged adverse employment actions

  • Bush v. AG South Farm Credit et al.

    Publication Date: 2018-08-02
    Practice Area: Business Torts | Contractual Disputes | Insurance Law
    Industry: Agriculture | Insurance
    Court: Georgia Court of Appeals
    Judge: Judge Brown
    Attorneys: For plaintiff: James Vaughn (Vaughn Wright & Boyer LLP), Forsyth; Allen Olson (Allen H. Olson PC), Albany; Benjamin Vaughn (Dillon and Vaughn PC), Forsyth, for appellant.
    for defendant: Duke Groover, William Horkan (James Bates Brannan Groover LLP), Macon, for appellee.

    Case Number: A18A0339

    Insurance Broker May Have Violated Fiduciary Duty By Failing to Apprise Client of Crop Insurance Documentation Requirements

  • Jones v. Federated Mutual Insurance Company

    Publication Date: 2018-07-18
    Practice Area: Insurance Law
    Industry: Automotive | Insurance
    Court: Georgia Court of Appeals
    Judge: Presiding Judge Barnes
    Attorneys: For plaintiff: Paul Ayerbe (Ayerbe & Cowart), Macon, for appellant.
    for defendant: Charles McDaniel, Ryan Kolb (Carlock Copeland & Stair LLP), Atlanta, for appellee. Rashod Lamar, Macon, for other party.

    Case Number: A18A0039

    Drivers Who Were Injured While Driving Auto Dealership's Car Were Validly Excluded From Dealership's Uninsured Motorist Coverage

  • Auto-Owners Insurance Company v. Hale Haven Properties, LLC

    Publication Date: 2018-06-28
    Practice Area: Banking and Finance Laws | Civil Procedure | Contractual Disputes | Insurance Law
    Industry: Insurance | Real Estate
    Court: Georgia Court of Appeals
    Judge: Presiding Judge Miller
    Attorneys: For plaintiff: Rachel Sullivan, Michael Kendall (Kendall Law Group, LLC), Douglasville, for appellant.
    for defendant: Laurie Dugoniths (The Johnson Insurance Law Group, LLC), Atlanta; David Flint (Schreeder, Wheeler & Flint, LLP), Atlanta; C. Johnson (Hall Booth Smith, PC), Atlanta, for appellee. Kenneth Jones (Hall, Booth, Smith & Slover), Atlanta; Russell Britt (Attorney at Law), Atlanta; William Holley, Zachary LeVasseur (Parker Hudson Rainer & Dobbs LLP), for other party.

    Case Number: A18A0132

    Factual Issues Presented as to Whether Scrivener's Error and Parties' Oversight Warranted Reformation of Insurance Agreement