The roadblocks to being productive are endless.

From text alerts with the latest news, to phone calls, checking email, and surfing the web, it’s no wonder many attorneys struggle with finding the best way to be productive. And it’s not just tech-creep that is killing productivity, said Bill Jawitz, of SuccessTrackESQ, it’s also the challenges of managing interruptions and learning how to delegate effectively and communicate with colleagues and clients in such a way that everyone knows what is expected of them and when.

Jawitz knows a thing or two about it. The Connecticut-based consultant has made a career out of helping attorneys manage their time and boost productivity, and he recently led a productivity boot camp for the New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education.

Becoming more productive means developing skills, routines and making smart choices.

Jawitz’s single biggest tip to increasing productivity: Turn off cellphone and email alerts.

“What I say to people is ‘Are you going to forget to check your phone? Forget to check your email?’ You’re not going to. That’s one that creates a very different flow and experience throughout the day. I am here to say that people who have … faced and overcome their fear and come over to the more rational analysis of the cost of all those interruptions on them psychically, on their productivity, on their health, and, in fact, check their email only three or four times a day, check their phone three or four times a day, and turn off their alerts, they get more done. They are absolutely happier.”