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In this special section, expert practitioners analyze the impact of significant cases such as In re: Accutane Litig., Sinclair v. Merck, and Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. v. Superior Court. We also look at the application of cost-shifting and cost-sharing principles in large mass torts and complex civil litigations, where both parties seek massive collections of documents and data. Finally, are internet “products” subject to product liability law?

‘Accutane’ Appeal Presents Opportunity for NJ to Adopt ‘Daubert’

By Michelle M. Bufano and Louis M. Russo  READ

‘Sinclair v. Merck’ Turns 10 Years Old

By Stephen J. Finley Jr., Natalie H. Mantell and Daniel A. Dorfman READ

Personal Jurisdiction in the Wake of ‘Bristol-Myers Squibb’

By Beth S. Rose and Vincent Lodato READ

Cost-Shifting and Cost-Sharing Approaches Under the Proportionality Principles

By Michael C. Zogby and Sean A. Kennedy READ

Product Liability Law Applies to Internet Products

By Jonathan Bick READ