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A New Jersey attorney, wearing “nary a thing” below the waist except for high heels, according to police, allegedly walked into an unsuspecting couple’s home and later was discovered asleep in his vehicle in another resident’s driveway.

Police confirmed to the Law Journal reports that Justin Paul Christodoro entered a home on Eastern Way in Rutherford shortly before 5 p.m. on Nov. 11 and announced his presence, but quickly left after apparently realizing he was not where he intended to be.

According to Rutherford police Captain Patrick Feliciano, Christodoro entered the home with a tight black shirt, high heels and “nary a thing” else, while the couple was watching TV.

“He didn’t do anything to them; it was just the breaching of the threshold, as it were,” Feliciano said, referencing the police report. “It did not appear he had bad intentions.”

“I’m grateful nothing worse happened,” Feliciano said. “No one got hurt.”

Christodoro, 39, is a Hackensack resident, according to the reports. The judiciary’s online registry indicates that he was admitted in New Jersey in November 2004, and bases his practice in Elmwood Park.

A number listed for him in the registry was disconnected. Attempts to reach him at another number failed.

Several hours later, Christodoro was found asleep in his vehicle in the driveway of a home on the 300 block of Lake Avenue in nearby Lyndhurst, according to Capt. John Valente of the Lyndhurst police. Christodoro allegedly was in the same state of undress when police contacted him.

An area resident called to report the vehicle. A Rutherford officer was summoned to assist with the call, a routine occurrence when all of Lyndhurst’s patrols already are engaged, and the responding Rutherford officer recognized Christodoro’s vehicle from the resident’s description, including the license plate number, in the prior report, the police captains said.

Christodoro, according to Valente, was “kind of out of it” and “had no idea how he got there,” and allegedly was found with a plastic bag containing MDMA, commonly known as ecstasy. Christodoro was arrested but not held; he was charged by summons and taken to New Bridge Medical Center in Paramus because of his apparently being under the influence of a substance, Valente said. Christodoro identified himself as an attorney during the arrest, Valente said.

Rutherford issued Christodoro a summons charging him with criminal trespass, a fourth-degree offense, upgraded from a disorderly persons offense because the premises entered was a residence, Feliciano said.

Lyndhurst issued a summons charging possession of a controlled dangerous substance, a third- or fourth-degree offense; lewdness, a disorderly persons offense; and a motor vehicle citation for blocking the driveway, Valente said.

Christodoro is slated to appear Nov. 29 in Bergen County Superior Court, according to Valente.

A search of the judiciary’s database of disciplinary cases turned up no records for Christodoro.