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Secret for Success on District Court: Serve First as a Magistrate

The federal bench in New Jersey has more former magistrates than any of the 93 other district courts in the country, and it looks like the state’s practitioners like it that way. The six most highly regarded non-senior federal judges in New Jersey are all former magistrates.

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Magistrate Judges: A Pleasant Lot but Needing Some Seasoning in Substance

Magistrate judges are adjuncts by definition, so it shouldn’t surprise that lawyers, when asked to assess them, see them as more down to earth than district judges, if sometimes with feet of clay.

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Bankruptcy Judges Are the Most Highly Rated Federal Jurists

Bankruptcy judges toil in relative obscurity compared with other federal judges, but those in New Jersey get higher marks from the lawyers who appear before them: higher than magistrate judges, district judges and even state court judges.

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