Welcome to the New Jersey Law Journal, part of the new law.com network!

We’re pleased to share the new features and designs we’re confident you’ll enjoy, but let’s start with a reassurance: All the content you’ve come to depend on as a legal practitioner and curious reader remains, right here. We know it’s local coverage and insights that keep our thoughtful readers coming back, and we’ll continue to provide it—in all the ways to which you’ve grown accustomed, as well as some new and creative ways.

Our new site means it’s now simpler than ever to follow breaking news about the New Jersey legal community, access special reports like our annual NJ Law magazine and practice area supplements, and monitor Editorials, Suits & Deals and other columns, no matter where you are.

News and insights should be not only accessible, but easily accessible. If you’re looking at this on your phone, you’re already experiencing one of the biggest and most visible improvements: A responsive design allowing you to more easily view and navigate our content. And you can easily navigate to any of our publication home pages, which are built the same way, to drill down deeper on the topics that matter to you.

Nevertheless, the finer points of your practice area, or perhaps simply your curiosity, can bring you beyond New Jersey’s borders. A lawyer who practices IP in Princeton as a partner at a midsized firm will want to know what’s happening in consequential cases in Texas, Delaware or California courts, items they can find in the Recorder, Delaware Law Weekly, and Texas Lawyer. That same partner will want insights on how other midsized firms are handling such high-impact issues as rate pressures, mentoring, compensation, diversity and cybersecurity. Our reporters and editors across ALM’s brands are providing that vital information, every hour. And so the new law.com allows you to access stories from across the universe of ALM legal publications. Our new shared platform allows you to see on law.com the big stories of the moment, as well as all the other coverage we’ve most recently published.

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to look around the site and let me know what you think.

The legal profession is changing rapidly; so must the new outlets seeking to cover, inform and hold accountable that profession. We’re pleased that you continue to allow us to provide that service and to be a trusted source, and that you devote some measure of your valuable time to our content. We endeavor every day to make sure it’s time well spent, and we will continue to do so, and are always pursuing ways to do the job better.

The bar, in New Jersey and beyond, deserves and demands no less.  

David Gialanella, 

NJ Bureau Chief