Public Entities Not Shielded by Charitable Immunity Act
Court decides three cases related to liability of public entities and duty to defend employees

State Tax Controversies
Court applies Constitutional principles to limit the state’s taxing powers

Strict Interpretation Eschewed
Court focuses on discerning intent of contractual or statutory language

Sea Change for Ability-To-Pay Hearings
Child support obligors facing jail entitled to attorney

Missing Evidence Prompts Negative Inference
Just may be instructed loss of evidence harms malpractice defendant’s case

Federal Standard Does Not Apply to Searches Incident to Arrest
Court finds New Jersey’s Constitution confers broader protections against such searches

Justices Retool Common Law Doctrines
Two landmark decisions alter application of res ipsa and respondeat superior

Premises Owner Has Duty to Asbestos Worker’s Wife
Court clarifies liability of industrial property owner for spouse’s illness

Defecting Experts
Court considers adversaries’ access to opposing expert