As emphasis is placed on expanding the nation’s immigration laws, the threat of deportation looms for growing numbers of undocumented immigrants across the United States, and here in New Jersey. In this age of “extreme vetting,” even immigrants with green cards and visas may feel growing anxiety over the potential for denial of re-entry to the United States should they travel abroad.

For immigrants who are also parents, uncertain times are leading many to seek legal guidance about what sudden deportation or prolonged detention could mean for their children. In the United States, Immigrant and Customs Enforcement (ICE) policy protects against unnecessary disruption of parental rights, regardless of a parent’s legal status. Nevertheless, between 2010 and 2012, approximately 205,000 parents of U.S. children were deported, according to ICE data. And now that recent U.S. policy appears to favor an increase, rather than a decrease, in deportations, undocumented parents are facing some serious, life-altering questions.