In the Law Journal’s Employment & Immigration supplement, articles focus on age discrimination, paid sick leave and parental leave, alternatives to H1-B visas and other topics.

NJ Municipalities Catch Paid Sick Leave Fever
New Jersey leads the nation in the number of municipalities (13) that have passed local paid sick leave ordinances. Read more

Defense Contractor Slapped with Multimillion Dollar Judgment for Age Discrimination
Aging baby boomers and acute economic pressures are just two of the factors that have caused age discrimination complaints to skyrocketed in the recent past. Read more

Employer’s ‘Honest Belief’ Is Complete Defense to FMLA Retaliation Claim
In ‘Capps v. Mondelez Global,’ the Third Circuit determined that an employer who was both certain and wrong that an employee misused his FMLA leave could escape liability under the FMLA. Read more

Federally Mandated Paid Parental Leave in the US: Is the Wait Over?
If the Trump administration is receptive to some form of paid leave law, as appears to be the case, and members of Congress follow suit, the time may be ripe for the passage of a federal paid family leave law. Read more

Your H-1B Petition Was Not Selected in the Lottery; Now What?
The H-1B program is capped at 85,000 visas per year; here are some of the more popular options when you are not one of the lucky winners. Read more