In the Law Journal’s Intellectual Property & Life Sciences supplement, articles focus on the Patent Trial Appeal Board, pending copyright applications, IP rights in furniture and fixtures, and other topics.

How Celebrity Depictions in Video Games May Infringe on the Right of Publicity
While rooted in state privacy law, a right of publicity claim also borrows themes from copyright and trademark law. Read more

Application vs. Registration in the 3rd Circuit
While current case law suggests that there is a trend toward requiring a registration for an infringement suit, there are courts within the Third Circuit that have held a pending application will suffice. Read more

Top 5 PTAB Tips for Big Pharma
The Patent Trial Appeal Board has become an active venue for adversaries in the life sciences. Read more

Web-Based Publications as Prior Art Under Section 102
A review of federal court decisions, and strategies for petitioners looking to qualify a reference as prior art, with particular attention to web-based references. Read more

Form vs. Function: A Guide to IP Rights in Furniture and Fixtures
Although sometimes complicated and costly, with careful planning, furniture and fixture makers can obtain intellectual property protection for their designs with a combination of copyright, patent and trademark law. With the “Star Athletica” decision, those efforts may just be a bit easier. Read more