In the Law Journal’s Professional Malpractice supplement, articles focus on expert battles, waivers of possible future conflicts of interest, and other topics.

The Expert Battle in the Defense of Claims Against Professionals
Most lawsuits against professionals eventually come down to a “battle of experts,” which begins the moment the defendant professional files an answer to the complaint. Read more

Are Advance Waivers Enforceable? Maybe
Increasingly, law firms are seeking waivers of possible future conflicts of interest with their clients when they undertake a representation, i.e., the client agrees to waive conflicts its attorneys may encounter in the future. Read more

Your Client Just Said Goodbye
Every accountant or CPA will be faced with termination by a client. Whether a cordial separation or not, the key to responding to these situations is to remain mindful of your professional ethical obligations and to comply with the guidance provided. Read more

Immunity for Friendly Expert Witnesses: Will NJ Part With This Traditional Rule?
While witness immunity remains the norm in New Jersey, recent decisions have evidenced an unwillingness to extend immunity to friendly expert witnesses in civil actions. Read more

When Attorney Fees Can Be Awarded in Legal Mal Actions Brought By Non-Clients
The circumstances in which an award of attorney fees in favor of a non-client in legal malpractice cases are exceedingly rare. Read more