In the Law Journal’s “Product Liability & Toxic Tort Litigation” supplement, articles focus on recent cases concerning talcum powder, generic medications and the Galaxy Note 7; and statutes such as TCPA and TCCWNA.

Admissibility of Expert Witnesses in Talc Litigation
The admissibility of expert testimony in ovarian cancer talc cases is critical for the survival of plaintiffs’ claims. Read more

Avoiding Stale Products Liability Claims: Why NJ Should Enact a Statute of Repose
An ultimate repose period would put a true end date on a claim and inject some level of predictability into claims companies may face. Read more

Recent ‘Reglan’ Decision Chips Away at Preemption
A recent New Jersey Supreme Court decision expanded consumers’ ability to recover against a generic-drug manufacturer under a state law failure-to-warn claim. Read more

Despite Defense Victories, TCCWNA Class Actions Are Not Going Away
Businesses should redouble their efforts to minimize any arguable alleged exposure under TCCWNA, because the current wave of consumer class actions is likely to continue to grow. Read more

Catching Fire: Galaxy Note 7 Prompts Analysis of Post-Sale Duty to Warn
In light of recent high-profile litigation, experts recommend best practices for warning consumers about a defective product. Read more

TCPA Claims: FCC Guidance on Key Provisions Remains Elusive
Over a year after the FCC’s order, which was intended to provide a better understanding of compliance obligations, there remain more questions than answers for companies using telemarketing calls. Read more