Hughes Justice Complex, Trenton, NJ
Hughes Justice Complex, Trenton, NJ (Carmen Natale)

Editor’s Note

A significant part of what we do at the Law Journal is to dig for, gather, organize, analyze and—ideally—find insights in data. We present several such projects to the readers over the course of the year in hopes that they will be informative and instructive to you.

Here is a collection of those projects—including some that were released in different forms earlier this year, such as the New Jersey Top 40 and Top 20 Personal Injury Results, and some that we do specifically for inclusion in NJ Law, such as Largest Law Firms. We believe having this collection of data compiled in one location, both for print and the web, benefits those who access it to do their jobs, or even out of simple curiosity. We hope that you’ll reference these materials often; for us, that is the payoff of the hard work that goes into these projects.

There is a saying that numbers don’t lie, but they also don’t begin to convey the nuances involved in the practice and business of law. With technology constantly increasing and enhancing the capabilities of those in information-driven industries, it’s easy to claim that the importance of data is on the rise. But data has always been important, and truly insightful data takes real effort to collect. We’ll continue to put forth that effort.

David Gialanella
Bureau Chief