A Guide to the Elements of a Portee Claim
Witnessing the death or serious injury of a loved one: an in-depth analysis of the Portee claim, its elements and the supporting case law
By David R. Kott, Edward J. Fanning Jr., Gary R. Tulp and Jean P. Patterson

How Internet Use Can Ameliorate Mass-Tort Litigation Difficulties
E-commerce may expose vendors and manufacturers to more product-liability lawsuits, but it can also work in their favor
By Jonathan Bick

Will Fracking Become the Next Mass Tort?
Why hydraulic fracturing may not be a new source of litigation
By Sharon L. Caffrey

State Courts Are Ill-Equipped To Deal With Mass Torts
When mass-tort cases are heard by state courts, forum shopping is inevitable
By Richard Oetheimer and Sarah Frederick

California’s Safer Consumer Products Regulation
California’s Green Chemistry Initiative: Will it cause businesses to flee the state?
By Joshua Bloom