The following matters have been certified to the Disciplinary Review Board as defaults, in accordance with R. 1:20-4(f):

In the Matter of Adam Kenneth Block, Docket No. DRB 13-131, District Docket No. VI-2012-0034E

In the Matter of Daniel G. Larkins, Docket No. DRB 13-155, District Docket No. VB-2012-0001E

In the Matter of Edward Benjamin Bush, Docket No. DRB 13-163, District Docket No. IIIA-2012-0015E

These matters are scheduled to be reviewed by the Board on Thursday, October 17, 2013. R. 1:20-4(f) provides that an attorney-respondent's failure to timely file an answer "shall be deemed an admission that the allegations of the complaint are true and … provide sufficient basis for the imposition of discipline." Although chances for a successful motion are limited, a motion to vacate the default may be by filed with the Board by no later than October 7, 2013. MOTIONS RECEIVED AFTER THE DEADLINE WILL NOT BE REVIEWED BY THE BOARD. The motion should specify why the attorney-respondent failed to file a timely answer (including lack of notice) and should set forth any claimed meritorious defenses to the ethics charge. The motion must also be simultaneously served on the Director of the Office of Attorney Ethics and, where appropriate, the district ethics committee responsible for the underlying ethics matter. A certification regarding that service must accompany any documents filed with the Board.

Respondents are hereby advised that, generally, in a default matter, the discipline is enhanced to reflect a respondent's failure to cooperate with disciplinary authorities as an aggravating factor. In re Kivler, 193 N.J. 332, 338 (2008).

Respondents may communicate with the Board by contacting the Office of Board Counsel at: P.O. Box 962, Trenton, NJ 08625, Telephone: 609-292-1012.

Julianne K. DeCore, Chief Counsel
Disciplinary Review Board

Dated: September 16, 2013