Top 20 Personal Injury Awards Dip in 2013
A listing and descriptions of the 20 highest personal injury recoveries of the year.
By Juliette Gillespie

10 More Awards Worth Noting
Descriptions of the year’s personal injury awards from $2.5 million to 3.2 million.

The Standard of Care in Commercial Construction Site Safety Management
Familiarity with the standards of safety management on construction sites can help attorneys to: uncover negligence, conduct effective discovery, support/challenge expert testimony, and narow the issues at trial.
By John Ratkowitz

Hours-of-Service Regulations Can Help Prevent Accidents
Attempting to ensure the safety of truck drivers, and everyone else on the road.
By Bryan M. Roberts

Claiming Post-Traumatic Arthritis
Arthritis can be a post-traumatic condition and the most valuable, complicated and disputed part of a claim.
By Brandon Swartz