The Supreme Court Committee on Model Criminal Jury Charges has developed the following sample verdict sheets. These sample verdict sheets are available for downloading from the Judiciary's Internet website at, and, for quick reference, under the "Quick Site Index" tab located on the left side of the web page. It should be stressed that these are intended as samples only and will need to be reviewed and adapted to the facts of the particular case.

1. Aggravated Assault on Law Enforcement Officer

2. Aggravated Assault- Serious Bodily Injury and Lesser Offenses

3. Aggravated Assault — Serious Bodily Injury and Lesser Offenses With Separate Attempt Questions

4. Aggravated Assault — Significant Bodily Injury and Lesser Offense

5. Aggravated Assault — Significant Bodily Injury and Lesser Offense With Separate Attempt Questions

6. Aggravated Sexual Assault/Sexual Assault/Endangering Welfare of a Child

7. Burglary/Criminal Trespass

8. Conspiracy to Commit Aggravated Assault

9. Criminal Restraint/False Imprisonment

10. Eluding/Resisting Arrest

11. Hindering One's Own Apprehension or Prosecution

12. Kidnapping/Criminal Restraint/False Imprisonment

13. Kidnapping of a Child Under 16

14. Murder/Affirmative Defense — Duress

15. Murder/Insanity

16. Possession of CDS-Cocaine/Distribute

17. Possession of CDS-Heroin/Distribute/School Zone

18. Possession of CDS-Marijuana/Distribute

19. Resisting Arrest

20. Robbery/Theft

21. Sexual Assault/Criminal Sexual Contact

22. Terroristic Threats/Harassment

23. Unlawful Use of Body Vest

Additional sample verdict sheets will be posted as the Committee develops them. Questions or comments may be directed to Maria Pogue, Esq., Criminal Practice Division, Administrative Office of the Courts, Hughes Justice Complex, P.O. Box 982, Trenton, New Jersey 08625; telephone 609-633-2119.

Glenn A. Grant, J.A.D.
Acting Administrative Director of the Courts

Dated: July 15, 2013