Summer Programs Still in a Drought
Summer hiring at New Jersey firms fell off in 2013, exhibiting no signs of a rebound from the stagnancy of the last four years.
By David Gialanella

Using Lessons From Your Education To Build a Legal Career
Valuable insights from a law school dean and professor
By Angela Dalfen and Leeor Neta

What Lawyers Aren’t Learning, and Why It Matters
Marketing and business savvy are crucial elements for a fruitful legal career
By Joy Martini and Nancy Rowe

Some Firms Try an Alternative to On-Campus Interviews
One large firm announced it was abandoning the on-campus interview model to recruit summer associates, and instead, hosted spring cocktail receptions.The experiment was a success, but this approach might not be right for every firm.
By Karen Sloan

The Broken Briefcase: A Symbol of Hard Work and Commitment
One young attormey’s reflections on the challenges and struggles — but also the joys and ultimate rewards — of building his own practice.
By David Koller