It is ORDERED that for the period from June 10 through September 8, 2013, the following schedule and parts shall be in effect in the Superior Court, Appellate Division. Time and place of any hearing shall be fixed by the presiding judge of the part sitting. A third judge will be available for each part as needed.

Session 1 — June 10 – June 23

Part I — Hon. Anthony J. Parrillo, Presiding

Hon. Carmen Messano

Part J — Hon. Clarkson S. Fisher, Jr., Presiding

Hon. Jane Grall

Session 2 — June 24 – July 7

Part K — Hon. Francine I. Axelrad, Presiding

Hon. Jose L. Fuentes

Part L — Hon. Paulette Sapp-Peterson, Presiding

Hon. Jack M. Sabatino

Session 3 — July 8 – July 21

Part M — Hon. Victor Ashrafi, Presiding

Hon. Jerome M. St. John

Part N — Hon. Mitchel E. Ostrer, Presiding

Hon. Margaret M. Hayden

Session 4 — July 22 – August 4

Part O — Hon. Susan L. Reisner, Presiding

Hon. Joseph L. Yannotti

Part P — Hon. Marianne Espinosa, Presiding

Hon. Richard S. Hoffman

Session 5 — August 5 – August 18

Part Q — Hon. Marie E. Lihotz, Presiding

Hon. Michael A. Guadagno

Part R — Hon. Ellen L. Koblitz, Presiding

Hon. Allison E. Accurso

Session 6 — August 19 – September 1

Part S — Hon. Ronald B. Graves, Presiding

Hon. Marie P. Simonelli

Part T — Hon. Alexander P. Waugh, Jr., Presiding

Hon. Michael J. Haas

Session 7 — August 26 – September 8

Part U — Hon. Carmen H. Alvarez, Presiding

Hon. Susan F. Maven

Part V — Hon. Jonathan N. Harris, Presiding

Hon. Douglas M. Fasciale

Stuart Rabner
Chief Justice

Dated: April 23, 2013