Just in time for the New Jersey State Bar Association’s Annual Meeting and Convention, slated for May 15-17 in Atlantic City, the April issue of New Jersey Lawyer Magazine, the state bar’s award-winning bi-monthly publication, focuses the spotlight on the gaming industry. From casinos and racetracks to off-track facilities, online race wagering and the state lottery, each of the gaming components highlighted in the issue stands at a crossroads.
“With growing competition for the gaming dollar from neighboring states and other legal (and not-so-legal) options offered through the Internet, New Jersey has taken several bold steps to maintain its leadership position in the gaming industry,” wrote Frank A. DiGiacomo and Michael F. Schaff, special editors of the edition. “With recent regulatory reforms in the casino industry, a constitutional amendment and passage of sports-betting legislation, the passage of mobile device gaming legislation in casinos, a possible privatization of the state’s lottery, and intrastate Internet gaming becoming legal, the administration of Governor Chris Christie, the Legislature, and the state’s gaming regulators have moved forward forcefully in trying to maintain an environment of innovation and competition within and by New Jersey’s gaming industry.”
This changing environment has presented unique challenges to the legal community, which prompted the decision to highlight gaming law in April issue of New Jersey Lawyer Magazine.
The issue opens with an overview of the recent regulatory reforms in the casino industry, written by Lynne Levin Kaufman. Guy S. Michael then provides historical context by taking a look at the licensing decisions made by the state Casino Control Commission in the early days of New Jersey casinos as well as recent actions.
Kenneth Oettle looks at regulation of the horseracing industry, while Christopher Soriano discusses the history of sports betting in the state. Neal A. Jacobs and Andrew Schwartz write about the issues surrounding money laundering in casinos, and Darren Gelber discusses the casino gambling self-exclusion program. Recent mobile gaming device legislation and Internet gambling are discusses in articles by William Downey and Eric G. Fikry, Stephen D. Schrier and Dennis Ehling.
To close out the issue, DiGiacomo and Eric Frank look at the latest gaming device technology issues. DiGiacomo also penned the closing article on the state’s recent effort to privatize some lottery activities.
The next edition of New Jersey Lawyer Magazine, due out in June 2013, will focus on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues.