This letter, dated April 3, 2013, was written to Thomas Prol by State Bar President Kevin McCann on State Bar Association letterhead:

Dear Mr. Prol:

I demand that you immediately remove my picture from your Facebook page. I wondered over the course of the last year why you were increasingly interested in having pictures taken with me and now I know why.

It is particularly deceptive to put it in with a list of people who are endorsing you. Not only do I not endorse you; everyone in my Bridgeton office signed the nominating petition for Nancy Erica Smith, as well as the petition to amend the bylaws. I believe it was my idea that Nancy Erica Smith be contacted with regard to running for the position of Second Vice President. Nancy brings a wealth of information and skills to the Executive Committee and the State Bar Association. She is a well-schooled trial attorney, who actively practices in the State of New Jersey. She is a New Jersey lawyer, as is Ken Vercammen.

I am shocked that you would try to make it look like I endorsed you. While we are on the topic, I have no problem with there being a contested election. I believe it shows the relevance of the New Jersey State Bar Association to the membership when we have talented people competing for the right to volunteer their time. I bring out the issue of relevancy because I do not understand how someone who lives and works in New York can bring any relevant information to the attorneys who toil in the courts in the State of New Jersey on a daily basis. We all know that you live and work in New York. I believe you told me at the Convention in Atlantic City when you became the Secretary that it was a requirement that you live in New York City. Why don’t you tell people just how little you practice in New Jersey? I thought this was all about transparency.

I also have recently learned that you told Senator Loretta Weinberg that the State Bar was trying to remove you from your post because you are gay. The fact that you are a gay man has always been well known to all of us; even when you became Secretary. Therefore, it would seem odd that you were fine to be the Secretary and not fine to be the Treasurer. You have to know your sexual orientation is not now, nor has it ever been, an issue.

I suggest that the appropriate course of action is for you to withdraw your name from nomination. I do not support your candidacy. You will note that I have started calling you "Mr. Prol" because you have so completely disappointed me in your behavior, demeanor and credibility by using me on your Facebook page.


Kevin P. McCann